Next morning, after meditation Sophia was in kitchen making tea, it was her routine. she always prepares tea in early morning and only then wakes her parents.

Her parents were on the coach in the foyer. Rebecca was staring at stairs with emotionless face while Sophia’s father Mr. Gala was reading headlines from news papers as his regular habit. He was a simple man with every possible simplicity, he always wear white linen half sleeve shirt and cotton pants of light cream or ash grey color, today he was in his creamy cotton pants. She gave them tea in mugs. They were not used to breakfast with morning tea. After finishing tea Rebecca headed towards upstairs while Mr. Gala was still reading headlines from SANDESH.

After finishing an article about business and environment needed for it, he was about to set off for his watch shop. It was 9 am and still Sam was in the bed so he said to Sophia,

“It’s too late beta, go and wake him up.”

“OK Dad.”

Sophia went to Sam’s room, stood at his bed and said, “Sam.”

“Wake up Sam”

But there was no reply, she pulled his blanket from his head as routine and said, “Wake up Sam. It’s too late bro”

She got no answer. It seemed unusual because Sam did neither pull back the blanket in return nor he did reply. She started to shake his hand to wake him up but there was no response. Only after that she realised Sam was unconscious, she shouted, “Mom…”

“Dad ….. Come here….”

In no time Sam was again in GNDHI LINKN Hospital, in the same room, on the same bed as before three years when he met with an accident.

Doctor Stephen Moore checked him and declared the need of some days bed rest under observation of doctors in hospital.

“When will he be recover?” asked Mr. Gala in emotional voice.

“Don’t worry, he is out of danger, nothing like worry, it’s a normal pressure on his nervous system. He will be ready to go home in two or three days.’ Doctor tried to console him as he was familiar to that family due to their past.

‘OK. Thank you. Doctor, but can you tell us the reason why it happened?”

“Yes, it is very simple reason, it happened due to his over thinking. He has tried hard to remember his past by forcing on his mind.”

“Thanks Doctor, thanks to inform us, we will keep it in mind.” said Mr. Gala and he to waiting room where Sophia and her mother were sitting.

“How is he now…?”

“How is his health now…?”

“Can I see him?”

“Can I talk with him?”

Rebecca asked several questions rapidly, that was testimony of how concerned she was for her son.

“Yes.” Said Mr. Gala and headed towards room no. 42B. Sophia and her mother followed him.

Trio passed the long passage of corridor and went to Sam’s room, the door was half opened, Mr. Gala pushed it full open and they slid inside through it, Sam was still unconscious laid down on green sheet of hospital bed, some pipes were inside his mouth and his nose trails.

The scene inside the room made Rebecca and Sophia uncomfortable. They felt unease by seeing the pathetic condition of Sam. They suddenly left the room.

Mr. Gala also left the room behind them, closing the door slowly without making any sound.

When he came out Rebecca and Sophia was sitting on a steel bench in corridor and sobbing. He reached to them.

“Let me drove you both to home. You know the rules of hospital.” said Mr. Gala after consoled them with great hard efforts.

They knew rules and regulations of hospital. Hospital does not allow more than one person to stay with patient in hospital due to heavy traffic in hospital. As per rule it was of no use to insist to stay there so Sophia and her mother became ready to go home.

“You just stay with him. We will take an auto or cab.” Said Rebecca, still her eyes had tears and her face had sorrow. Sophia’s face was also looking pale not the happy and bright one as usual.

“Are you sure?” said Mr. Gala.

“Yeah, I am….” said Rebecca trying to look calm and comfortable.

“Okay, see u dad, be with him.” said Sophia.

“Bye beta, don’t worry about him, I am here with him, and of course doctor and the hospital staff.” Said Mr. Gala and came to door to see them off.

Rebecca and Sophia came out of the hospital.

They stood on footpath, after a while they got an auto for Chandra Nagar, In no time the auto reached CHANDRANAGAR and dropped them in front of Prince Garden. Sophia paid him a hundred rupees note as fair and both she and her mother headed towards their home. All the way both walked silently, no one of them knew what to say each other to console each other but both they knew they need the consolation and they got it by neighbours as they reached home, unlock the main door and entered in to house.

Neighbouring ladies came to them, inquired about Sam and provided the comfort which they needed hardly.

“Why all these happen with us, Mom? Dad’s accident, murder of Mina aunty and Suresh uncle, Sam’s memory loss and now his state of coma.” Said Sophia as the neighbouring ladies left the house and they were alone with enough privacy to talk about family problems.

As she finished and start to sob again her mother said, “Don’t think like this…. don’t think so…God is not unjust nor he is unkind…. Everything will be okay… We will overcome our problems as before, Lord GANESHA will help us.”
Rebecca succeeded to make her calm after many endeavors.

Both they spent whole day in tense. At last went to bed with heavy hearts.

Next morning when Sophia and her mother were sitting on the coach colors of their faces were revealing their mental condition. After sitting silently for half an hour without any talk with each other, Sophia took out a mobile phone out from his pocket and dialed his father’s number.

The call ended in a few minutes without any long conversation. Her mother looked at her but she did not speak a single word.

Again there spread the silence for half an hour.

“Let’s go to hospital. Dad won’t eat anything if we will not go there with tiffin ( a small tin).” Sophia broke the sadly silence which was reigning since more than last hour.

Rebecca knew that her husband did not use to meal in restaurants or lodges.

Finding it reasonable she was in kitchen, preparing some food for him.

At eleven she packed some Chapattis and jam in a small tin. Sophia refused to eat anything but her mother insisted her to eat something. She succeed to pursue her when she herself eat some mouthfuls with heavy heart with Sophia. The morsels of that meal were painful for them than enjoyment.

At half past eleven, Sophia mounted on her Access-125 which she bought last year and her mother sat on back as pillion rider.

Sophia kicked the moped and they flew towards hospital.

They passed the way in fifteen minutes and reached hospital. It was well-known hospital of the city with best doctors and modern technical devices.

The hospital was always men packed place but when they reached the hospital they frightened to see a huge crowd in front of hospital, more crowd than their expectation.

Half a dozen of cars and handful old bikes were parked there. An ambulance was parked in front of hospital entrance and next to it was a police Thar DI, near that police vehicle Mr. Gala was talking with some police men loudly and arguing with doctor Nil Freeman.

Sophia parked his Access- 125 and she rushed to them. Her mother also followed her.

“What happened Dad?” She cried as she reached near his father.

Mr. Gala was silent so his question remained unanswered.

“Dad…..” She cried again but Instead of getting the answer for her question she got a question.

“You are here.. Why you came here?”

“To see him, dad…”

Mean while Rebecca had entered inside the hospital. No one from the hospital staff tried to stop her. Whether staff had no courage to do it or she was not noticed her. Mr. Gala rushed towards her to stop her entering the room in which Sam was admitted but Rebecca had entered inside it. Sophia also followed them to the room.

Trio reached in the room one after one. Sophia was stunned to see the room. Glasses of windows were busted and scattered hither and thither. The table was in inverted position. Photo frames were laid down on the floor with broken glasses of it. Entire things of room were here and there. Sophia remembered the same scene as the basement of Fortunes Dwell, when they had found Sam unconscious first time.

Rebecca carried out, “Where is my son?”

She turned to her husband and cried again, “Where is our son?”

Mr. Gala was silent as he had not enough courage to tell her what had happened.

After a while doctor Nil Freeman entered the room. Sophia asked him,  “Where is my brother? What happened here?”

“I can’t explain you I have tried to explain your father. He is not ready to believe me, how will you.” Said doctor Nil Freeman.

Mr. Gala lost his temper again he caught Dr. Freeman’s collar and shouted, “How can I believe you. Do you think I am a goose cap too believe the bunk of a boy from hospital….?

No one is too fool to believe you. Even no stupid will believe it.”

Doctor could understand his emotions, he could feel pain of his heart, he tried to convince him by reminding him the past, “Before five years you had given me place equal in all respect to the God after recovery of your son from coma. And now you are shouting at me. That day you were standing with joined hand before me and today your hands reached to my collar. This is not fair Mr. Gala. Please try to understand…..Please …”

Suddenly Mr. Gala remembered the past events. He realised his mistake and joined his hands and said, “You are still God for us. Please forgive me.”

“It’s ok… I am also a father beside a doctor. I can understand you Mr. Gala.”

“The room has CCTV cameras. You can check it.” Suggested he.

“Okay, let me see what had happened there.” Said Mr. Gala and all they were conducted to consulting room. Doctor pushed computer switch. It took no time to load window seven. Doctor Nil rapidly pressed some keyboard buttons to open a folder. He double clicked on MKV file to play a video. The video started,

C.C.T.V. footage.

It was 11:00 am. At the right upper corner of video screen. After Mr. Gala left the room, Sam set up on the bed at once. His eyes were still closed. He pressed his head between palms of his hands. All things in the room started to tremble terribly like a heavy quake. He unplaced his hands from his head and clenched his fist as if he was struggling with his mind. Glasses of windows started to shiver. Pieces of broken glasses disarranged everywhere in the room. The table started to fell upside down. All other things lifted up and fell down on the floor and disarranged. Hearing this sound, two men of the staff came to the door of this room, they could not understand what was happening there in the room so they shouted and called other staff members. Their voice disturbed Sam. He opened his eyes and look and behold both the men felt a sudden jerk and thrown outside the room and behind them the door like a self-propelled object slammed automatically with a loud thud. It was 11:05 now on the screen of the video when Sam looked at the camera and video crushed on the screen.

It was so shocking for Sophia and her parents to see the video that they were staring at computer screen after video was finished.

“Mr. Gala” Freeman said. “Mr. Gala, please listen to me.” He said again, this time he almost shouted not spoke. But it seemed there was no effect of his calling or shouting on the family. Perhaps they were in a great shock.
“Look at me, Mr. Gala, Mrs. Gala.”

The family was so shocked that they did not hear him.

At last doctor slammed a book on the table to get their attention. When they came out of this shock doctor said to warn them the bitter truth of science,

“After watching this video first I went there in the room, I found CCTV camera broken. I hid all fact from you and others but you called Police without knowing the truth. I have warned all staff to react as nothing had happened.
I am requesting you to hide this secret from both the police and the public.

“But why….? Why should we hide the matter, the whole incident.” asked the family together with great curiosity.

“As a psychologist and contriver of it, I have worked in psychology department of government. I know about secret experiments of science and confidential government projects. If this video will be viral in police or in public, it will be leak on social media. The secret agencies like paranormal research organisation or psychological department will target to find Sam. And for the sharpest agents of these agencies it is not hard to find him. If this happens you will lose your son forever. He will not be killed but his life will end in science lab as a subject or instrument of an experiment. Sorry Mr. Gala, this is 2024 and in this modern age many private companies and insane scientists are mad to understand secrets of supernatural to solve the unsolved mysteries of science.”

“Thanks doctor. Thanks to warn us.” said the family showing the thankfulness on their faces.

“It’s my duty to do my best to save my patient. I know all sufferings of him. I know the nightmare which has passed through his life. So I want his remaining life to be better than her past.’

For Sophia and her parents that fact about government, scientists and private companies was strange. After getting knowledge of those agencies and watching that video they trusted Doctor. Doctor deleted the video and emptied the recycle bin too. They sent Police back.

By Mahendra Trivedi


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